How to have a Stress-Free Holiday

Tis’ the season to decide what is the appropriate time to put up your Christmas tree. If you are anything like my family, you don’t wait until Thanksgiving to put the tree up, you wait until the clock strikes midnight on November 1st.
For me, there’s a few reasons I like to get started early: First, Christmas is magical and why wait to start decorating? Second, I have some really (and I mean really) cute Christmas decor which just spruces up my house and I am NOT waiting to transform my place into a winter wonderland. Third, let’s be honest, the holidays can bring a lot of stress. If I can get a head start, it allows me to enjoy the “after thanksgiving” period a little bit more. 
No matter what kind of holiday decorator you are (a November firster or a day after thanksgiving kind of gal), I think we are all in agreement; while the holidays bring joy, they can also bring a lot of stress. So, here are some tips to alleviate those pressures.
1. Shop early.
No, I do not mean you have to be a November Firster, but get a head start on some gifts. I get made fun of a lot in my family because I start buying gifts in October and there is one major reason why. I do not enjoy spending my entire December paycheck(s) on gifts. I LOVE going to light shows, fairs, fests, etc. I want the WHOLE experience which requires some $$$. 

2. Get a head count, create a menu and delegate.
Okay, so this is for your actual gatherings and while this seems pretty basic, y’all don’t understand how often dishes are duplicated, not big enough, or are plain meh, because of lack of communication. I am a huge supporter of the idea that if you are hosting, you get to decide the menu. An easy way to do this is by creating a Facebook page. One, it allows you to see who all RSVP’s to get a head count. Two, other people can see how many people have RSVP’d to plan accordingly for their dishes. Three, you can set a menu and have people sign up so everyone knows who is bringing what and there are no duplication's or issues with the meal. BAM - stress free. 

3. Grab our Holiday Box.
Our entire goal is to make life’s most memorable moments simple and stress free. If there was ever a time to utilize us - ding ding ding, here it is. Our Holiday box is sophisticated and beautiful, disposable for easy clean up, comes with tips on cute ways to set it up, and really leaves an impact. It’ll leave your guests speechless and all without the hassle. 

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