Daily Ritual - Lavender + Eucalyptus Soy Candle


Bring some calm to a bad day. The blend of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils gives off calming and fresh uplifting notes that will help soothe away stress, easing you into a calm restful state. Enjoy the calming sound of the slow-burning wood wick crackle.

  • Volume: 5 oz
  • 100% Pure Soy 
  • Burn Time: 30 - 35 Hours 
  • Made in Seattle, WA

For added benefits - after blowing out the candle, as the wax cools you can use it as a warm massage oil. 5 OZ Lavender Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, and Soy Wax

About the Company
Daily Ritual Apothecary was started by Breannah Kanaly, with the goal to create and curate holistic and simple ingredient products to help you feel your best. Based on the core principles of natural, accessible, and intentional products for self-care and wellness. While pursuing a degree in health and wellness she started Daily Ritual, which blended her love for business, people, creativity, and wellness. While also getting to create an

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