Fairway Spring Cheer Boxes


Stand out from the crowd and build stronger relationships with your partners.  Who wouldn't want a little cheer on their doorstep this Spring?  

Box Includes: 
1 - Branded Gardening Gloves
1 - Basil in a Bag Herb Kit
1 - Sugarfina Baby Butterflies Candy Gummies
3 - Acrylic Engraved Funny Plant Stakes - Local artisan in Gig Harbor, WA 
1 - Branded card with a handwritten note. 

Instructions to Order

1.  Keep the box quantity to order at 1 and select PREORDER. 

Do not input your message on this page.  When you go to the checkout you will be able to ship to multiple addresses and write a message to the specific person you are shipping the box to.  

3. Once you hit PREORDER you will be directed to your cart.  Click Ship to Multiple Addresses box. 

4.  Below the product image you will start adding the first partner you want to send you box to.  Fill out the address, To, From, and include your Message.  

5.  Click Ship Another and add in the recipient and card details.  Continue this until you have all of the vendors you would like to ship boxes to. 

6. Click Checkout in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 

7.  Follow the prompts to submit the order.  

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