3 Reasons Employee Appreciation is Vital in the Workplace

3 Reasons Employee Appreciation is Important
Does employee appreciation actually matter? The short answer: YES! Sure, there’s National Employee Appreciation Day, but one day simply isn’t enough. If you want your company to really thrive, consistent recognition of your employees’ contributions is important! Here’s why:
  1. It boosts motivation - employees want to be recognized for their hard work and know that they are a valued part of the team!
  2. It fosters loyalty and builds trust - nearly 90% of employees who have received a token of appreciation from their boss had higher levels of trust in that boss! Plus, they’re more likely to stick around, saving you both time and money. 
  3. It increases productivity - appreciated employees are happy employees! On average, happy employees are 12% more productive than their less-happy counterparts.
Employee appreciation doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it can simply be a few kind words or a genuine ‘thank you.’ But, if you want to stand out and make a lasting impression, a small gift can go a long way! Couple that with a specialized, hand-written thank you note and you’re ready to go. 
Here’s some awesome ideas on how to show your employees how much you appreciate them:

Our Cheers Party Box (what says “thank you for your hard work” like a celebratory box?)

Employee Appreciation Party Box

A random day off for a job well-done (because let’s be honest, everyone needs a break sometimes!)

Our Pamper Box (We all know the saying “work hard, play hard,” but sometimes it needs to be “work hard, relax hard” with a soothing self care day!)

Pamper, Spa, Employee Appreciation Party Box

Taking them out to lunch at their favorite restaurant
(I mean, who doesn’t like food?)
Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas
Throw an appreciation event (If your team has been killing it, kill two birds with one stone and show everyone how much you value their contributions!)
    Not only is employee appreciation beneficial for you, but for the workplace as a whole. Why wait to boost morale, job satisfaction and happiness? Start rewarding your employees now!

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