5 Tips to Nail your Client & Employee Gifts

Holiday corporate gift box for clients

Send them thoughtfully but limited. 

As they say, quality over quantity is always better.  We recommend you focus on the big moments in life.  A lot of companies like to focus on sending out gifts during the holidays and we LOVE ourselves some holiday-inspired gifts.  However, if you’re really wanting to make an impression think about sending gifts outside of the norm:

Client Gifting Ideas:

  1. Welcome gift 
  2. Closing gifts for Real Estate and lenders. 
  3. Milestone Celebrations/ reached a goal 
  4. Thank you gift 
  5. Birthday’s 

Employee Gifting Ideas:

  1. First-day welcome box 
  2. Birthdays
  3. Major life milestones i.e. just got married, new baby. 
  4. Work anniversary 
  5. Product launch 
  6. End of a project 

If this sounds overwhelming check out our corporate gifting program and we can help automate your client and employee retention efforts. 

Housewarming Gift Box, Realtor Closing Gift Box Knock their socks off with the right product mix. 

It can be hard to know what the right mix is especially with a diverse group of people.  We recommend you always include in each gift:

  1. A consumable.  
  2. A practical item they can use. 
  3. A keepsake.  

With this mix, you have the winning recipe for the perfect client gift.   A consumable can be chocolate, cookies, popcorn, coffee, or our favorite - cocktail mixers.   Practical items are items they can use such as notebooks or candles.  The most important is the keepsake such as cutting boards, tumblers, mugs, or cups. 

MJS Investor client holiday gift box - corporate gifting

Elevated branding experience. 

This can become a touchy subject real quick.  While we do recommend adding your logo to 1-2 items such as the card, box band, or a mug.  However, too many logos can become more “swag” like than a genuine gift.  The goal is to gift to just the person you’re sending it to so that it makes such an impression that they don’t need to wear your logo to show you off.  They will be screaming from the rooftops how amazing you are! 

Add a personal touch 

A handwritten note these days goes a long way!   Don’t just write a generic response that they can tell you didn’t spend much time on.  Take some time to think through your experience with them and share that memory with them.  Be thankful and genuine.  

I can’t tell you how many reviews we get that mention how much they love the handwritten notes that we top each gift with.  It adds a personal touch that people don’t see often in a world that is so tech-driven.  

How much should I spend on a client or employee gift? 

You don’t have to spend a lot to send a thoughtful gift.  If your budget is tight we recommend focusing on items you know they will love.  Choose fewer items that are more expensive as opposed to a bunch of items that are cheaper. At the end of day, client retention and employee morale programs will actually end up putting money in your pocket if you do it right. 

If you would prefer to delegate your client and employee gifting to the professionals reach out to hello@confetepartybox.com or visit our Corporate Gifting page to get started. 



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