Wedding Photographer Custom New Client Gift Boxes

How are you celebrating your client's biggest moments?

Jill Caren, a Wedding + Portrait Photographer out of Kansas City, is in the business of capturing people's most significant life moments - that deserves celebration! And what better way to celebrate than with a thoughtful celebratory gift?

Previously, Jill was putting together new client gift boxes on her own. While she did a great job, she knew she needed to streamline her process and leverage her time. Knowing that our mission is to bring people together by making celebrating easier, she teamed up with us to create custom + branded gift boxes.

Custom Branded Gift Boxes for Wedding Photographer

The objective: help her streamline her gifting process while elegantly showcasing her brand to her clients.

When creating a custom + branded gift box, we first want to get to know the brand's vibe. We start our process by researching the clients social media and and website presence. Once we know what story the brand is trying to tell, we go to the drawing board to starting bringing their brand to life. 

Jill's branding has a simple, modern look with a more neutral warm color palette. We captured this look and feel through her boxes, inside and out - starting with a cream box and sleek branded box band. 

Custom Branded New Client Gift Box from Wedding Photographer
Custom Branded New Client Gift Box for Wedding Photographer Contents. TÖST Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage, Deco Jewelry Tray, Ring Cleaning Towelettes, Champagne Truffles - Seattle Chocolate, Custom Card and Message

Our Favorite piece was the deco ring tray that was not only cute but a perfect bedside gift for the newlywed to keep their rings!

We just love how these custom + brand boxes turned out and can't wait to work on more! So, are you ready to level up your gifting process? Let's get started!



3 Ways to Gift in Your Business:

Whether you're looking to send one gift or hundreds, we understand the importance of staying connected to friends, employees, and clients.  That's why we've created three {easy} ways to send personalized gifts that make an impact.

1.  Custom + Branded Gift Boxes

We design and deliver vibrant, on-brand gift boxes and virtual party boxes that deliver you more ROI.  Show your clients, team members, and valued partners how much their support means to you with something they can actually touch, feel and experience. Our team will handle everything from sourcing, branding, packing, and shipping to make sure we capture the essence of your brand.  Learn more about our Custom + Branded Corporate Gifting service. 

2.  Build-A-Box

When you want to send a gift, and you know exactly what they’d love, choose from our bestselling products (many from small, women-owned businesses like ours) to design a custom gift box curated by you, personalized just for them.  Always topped with a handwritten note.  Start building now.

3.  Ready-to-Ship Gifts 

We have a curated, ready-to-ship gift box for just about any occasion or celebration, from birthdays and weddings to client thank yous, self-care, the return of sweater weather, and more.  No order minimums.  They ship out within 1-3 days and choose from ground to rush shipping during checkout. Send a gift now.

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