7 Employee Appreciation Gift Guide Ideas

Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 4th! How are you planning to thank your employees? If you’re not sure keep reading for employee appreciation gift ideas!

1. Let Them Go

Hold on - not what you’re thinking. Give them the rest of the day off once a project or goal is completed! The high-achieving employee who has consistently gone above and beyond has likely done so in and out of the workplace - so why not give them the gift of time? Whether it’s to be with their family, friends, or to just take the day to celebrate and relax. 

2. A Celebratory Box

If you’re going to celebrate, do it right! Did someone land an important client? Mark a milestone with your company? Give them the perfect celebration package! This is a great option for companies with employees who work remotely. You don’t necessarily have to be there to celebrate.

cheers gift box employee appreciation

Cheers Box

champagne bubbles gift box employee appreciation

Champagne Bubbles Box

3. Surprise Them

Nothing beats an old-fashioned surprise party! Go all out or keep it simple.

4. A Relaxation Station

Let’s face it: work can be really stressful. Help your employees unwind with an at-home spa package to help them relax and refresh! We won’t blame you if you get one for yourself too. 

pamper gift spa day at home spa relaxation

Pamper Box

5. A Simple Thank You

A handwritten note thanking them for their contribution to the team can go a long way. Keep it genuine!

6. A Personalized Gift

With any gift, you want to keep it authentic and tailor it to the person you’re celebrating! Building a gift box that fits your brand, employee and price point is a great way to share your appreciation. Gift boxes are the best option to celebrate employees that are working remotely!

custom employee appreciation gift

Build a BoxCustom Box

7. Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

If you’re not looking to break the budget, a solid recommendation is a great option for extending appreciation beyond the workplace. Career development and growth drives engagement, so why not endorse your employee’s skills and contribution? Plus, you’re helping set them up for success now and in the future!

Why is employee appreciation important? There’s a bunch of reasons: It boosts motivation, improves retention, fosters loyalty, builds trust and increases productivity! If you want to promote a positive and productive workplace, it’s crucial to recognize the value that each person adds to your team. Be sure to choose the option that best fits your employee. Start rewarding your team now!

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