Fall In Love With Our Chocolate

February is known as the month of love, and what better way to celebrate it than with chocolate? Chocolate has been a symbol of love for centuries, and it's no wonder why - its sweet and rich taste can make anyone feel loved.

Here at Confete, we offer a wide selection of REALLY GOOD chocolates - trust us, we're experts in this arena.

Seattle Chocolate

Our OG chocolate brand, Seattle Chocolate, offers truffle bars and individual truffles that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their champagne truffles are a customer favorite and will make you feel like you're celebrating a special occasion.

Jcoco Chocolate

Jcoco Chocolate is another brand that we love. As the sister brand of Seattle Chocolate, they offer a more culinary experience with their chocolates. We offer their 3oz bars and 1oz bars - perfect if you're looking for a small and sweet snack. Even better, Seattle Chocolates "Every Bite Gives Back" program supports girls and women around the world so you can feel good about indulging in your favorite treat. 

Compartés Chocolate

Compartés is a brand that we can't get enough of. Described as "edible works of art," we couldn't agree more! Their packaging is eye-catching and one-of-a-kind, and their chocolates are pretty and indulgent. When you open up your bar, you'll see the most beautiful chocolate you've ever seen - and it tastes just as good as it looks.

Goodio Chocolate

Finally, we have a new addition to our chocolate family - Goodio. Created on sustainability, well-being, and transparency, they made chocolate that is good for you and the environment and tastes great while still being nutritious. Their packaging is bright and fun, and their chocolate has the perfect balance of flavor and sweetness. From Raspberry to Lemon to Coffee to Salted Caramel, they offer unique flavors that will delight your taste buds.

If you're a chocolate lover like us, we know you'll want to send some great chocolates to the special people in your life or shop the market for yourself! And with our selection of top-rated brands, you can't go wrong. Shop our selection today and fall in love with chocolate all over again.


3 Ways to Gift with Confete:

Whether you're looking to send one gift or hundreds, we understand the importance of staying connected to friends, employees, and clients.  That's why we've created three {easy} ways to send personalized gifts that make an impact.

1.  Custom + Branded Gift Boxes

We design and deliver vibrant, on-brand gift boxes and virtual party boxes that deliver you more ROI.  Show your clients, team members, and valued partners how much their support means to you with something they can actually touch, feel and experience. Our team will handle everything from sourcing, branding, packing, and shipping to make sure we capture the essence of your brand.  Learn more about our Custom + Branded Corporate Gifting service. 

2.  Build-A-Box

When you want to send a gift, and you know exactly what they’d love, choose from our bestselling products (many from small, women-owned businesses like ours) to design a custom gift box curated by you, personalized just for them.  Always topped with a handwritten note.  Start building now.

3.  Ready-to-Ship Gifts 

We have a curated, ready-to-ship gift box for just about any occasion or celebration, from birthdays and weddings to client thank yous, self-care, the return of sweater weather, and more.  No order minimums.  They ship out within 1-3 days and choose from ground to rush shipping during checkout. Send a gift now.

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