How to Celebrate your Employee's Wins

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If you read our last post, you know that investing into your employees is not only good for morale - but it is good for business! When 69% of employees said they would work harder if they felt as though they were appreciated by their management (Gallup), learning how to celebrate your employees is not only a fun thing to do - but it is also a good business model.

Here are some FUN ideas to celebrate your circle of employees! 


Listen, if you have read the 5 love languages book, YOU KNOW that words of affirmation happens to be one of the most common languages. People LOVE hearing kind words about their actions, thoughts, and effort. You can either text them directly and let them know you noticed their hard work on *insert project here* OR you can text bomb them in a group chat with the employees to highlight them in front of their peers! 

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If you are beginning to notice how awesome your employees are and want to show them, surprise them with the ability to go home early! If there are no daunting projects or urgent matters - cutting your team loose early on a Friday might be the action that truly shows them how much you appreciate all of their hard work!

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OMG - no one (unless they are crazy or on some sneaky sneaky diet), I repeat, NO ONE will turn down a good baked treat. Let’s face it, we love some sugar to help us cope with the stresses of life. Here are a couple of our favorites and they ship! 

The Cut Out Cookie

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When I was working in a corporate setting, my boss was sure to take time to take us out for lunch to show how much he appreciated us! For some reason, that always stood out to me. This is a good way to take a break from the office setting, get out and get to know your employees!

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You want to REALLY show your appreciation? I mean, like put some action behind those words? Design a fully customized gift for them! Don’t have time? That’s what we are here for. Let us make YOUR life easier by developing a gift to AWE your employees. We want them to feel special for all of the hard work they do and we want them to recognize that YOU feel the same way. Let us write them a hand written note for you, send them something they'll actually use, and make their day just a tad bit better!

Want to send your entire team a job well done gift box?  Work with our Corporate Gifting team to create a unique unboxing experience that will WOW your employees and leave them feeling valued. 

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