Crafting the perfect Old Fashioned is a time-honored skill. Our moody Old Fashion craft cocktail kit has everything needed to elevate their evening and cheers to something special.  Perfect for the self-proclaimed mixologist or maybe you're congratulating the groom on his new engagement.  Just like the drink, this gift box is always a classic choice.

This sophisticated, yet playful box includes 100% natural, aroma-enhancing dehydrated citrus garnish, organic cane sugar cocktail cubes, extra large ice cube tray, so your drinks stays colder, longer, elegant Viski glassware that’s rooted in centuries of Venetian glassmaking, and more. 

Box Includes:

1 - Dehydrated Cocktail Garnishes
1 - Peak Extra Large Ice Cube Tray
1 - Old Fashioned Cocktail Cubes
2 - Viski Gem Crystal Tumblers
1 - Compartres Night Cap Chocolate Bar

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