Mini Confetë

Our Mini Confetë option is perfect for intimate gatherings and get togethers where you want a little extra something without being over the top.

(for budgets $400-$600)

Design Options


Level 1 - $400

Approx. 8'


Level 2 - $500

Approx. 10'


Level 3 - $600

Approx. 12'

Includes: choice of balloon colors and setup and install by our team. 50% deposit is required to secure the date. Not included: custom design + on-site visit

Optional Add-on


Level 1: +$100

Level 2: +$150

Level 3: +$200

optional add-on

Helium Balloons

Single Bouquet

Single Bouquet - $50

Eight 16" Latex Balloons

Fancy Jumbo Balloon

Fancy Jumbo Balloon - $60

One 36" Latex Balloons + Choice of Streamers Colors

Fancy Bouquet

Fancy Bouquet - $175

Approx. 4'x 4'

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