Blingbrite On-The-Go Ring Cleaner


Make your jewelry sparkle like brand new with blingbrite’s on-the-go ring cleaner, a jewelry cleaning brush that gives your gems instant shine anytime, anywhere!

Why blingbrite:

  • Achieve instant shine with our easy twist, apply, and rinse method.
  • Take blingbrite anywhere! Our compact design is ideal for travelling, commuting, and every day activities.
  • Our professionally formulated solution is safe and effective for diamonds, precious stones, platinum, and gold.

About the Brand

StayBRITE was founded by a husband and wife duo when the bride-to-be could not tolerate the pain associated with whitening strips. She challenged her then dentist fiancé to research and formulate a product that would be effective without the pain associated. Out of this research, The Bride Brite Teeth Whitening program was born.

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