Sip, Sip, Debate!

Between a global pandemic, U.S civil unrest, murder hornets, and everything else 2020 has had to offer - come this September, all eyes will on the debate stage as President Trump and previous VP Joe Biden go head to head in the upcoming election. 

At Confete Party, we believe in the importance of civic engagement. We also believe in the importance of having a good time. **Cue our Drunken Debate Box**. Complete with patriotic glasses, coasters, and a drinking game that will keep you invested the entire presidential debate.

2020 Presidential Debate Party box

Each box is sold per person and includes: 

  • Patriotic sunglasses to keep you entertained during commercial breaks plus it's a great opportunity to snap some photos and videos for the gram and Tiktok.
  • A party cup - because what is a Drunken Debate party box without something to put your drink in?
  • Member of the Cocktail Party coasters to keep everything kosher. 
  • Strawberry sugar cubes from Teaspressa to make it simple and easy to add a little flavoring to your favorite drink. 
  • A custom Drunken Debate Drinking game created by us to keep you tuned in and engaged throughout the entire debate. 
  • Finally, a vote dammit pin to wear around well after the debates to promote the importance of being civically engaged.   

Reserve your party box now and save 10% thru September 1st.  

Don’t forget to tune to the first debates on September 29, 2020.

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