How To Send a Gift For Your Long-Distance Relationship

Your best friend is living across the country, your partner temporarily relocated to another state, or maybe you’ve moved away from your parents and hometown. 

Finding distance between you and your loved ones at some point in your life is natural. 

And while it sucks to miss out on birthdays, holidays, and celebrations, there are still ways you can send a gift long-distance. 

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How To Send a Gift For Your Long-Distance Relationship 

woman opening up gift from long distance relationship

When you’re living far away from your core community, you’re always missing out on those huge life events. We’re talkin’:

  • Birthdays

  • Baby showers

  • Weddings

  • Christmas

  • St. Patricks Day

  • Labor Day (hey, any excuse to party, right?)

Besides hopping on FaceTime to give a “congrats,” why not send a virtual gift with unique products to help celebrate those special moments?

Here’s how you can do that without lifting a finger! 

Well— besides the one on your keyboard. 

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Option #1: Gift for the Long Distance Boyfriend or Girlfriend

birthday gift for long distance boyfriend or girlfriend

Whether you’re married or not, having a long-distance relationship is rough. The nights are long, the conversations are too short, and it’s gut-wrenching to be away from them during holidays and special occasions. 

Military spouses— who move once every two to three years— are incredibly familiar with these feelings. And while a long-distance gift isn’t the same as holding them in your arms, it’s a tangible way to show you’re thinking of them. 

These Build-a-Box gift sets are a perfect solution to getting items shipped to them. You can hand-select products that have special meaning within your relationship but still pick out things they’ll appreciate on a day-to-day basis (like coffee or beard oil). 

If it’s your anniversary or their birthday, you can always include balloons, candles, or rose petals! These boxes always come with confetti, so it’s like you’re bringing the party to them.

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Option #2: Gifts for the Long-Distance Relative 

wedding gift long distance

Alright, but what about those long-distance relatives who recently got married or had a baby? 

Maybe you don’t really know them well after all these years, but you still want to send your love. 

Do it the easiest way possible with these Ready-To-Ship gifts! This is for the lazy or indecisive shopper who is clueless when it comes to presents. 

Choose from pre-designed themed boxes that are packed with items from small business owners. You’ve got the:

They might not be super-personal, but they’re impressive (did we mention there’s confetti?!).

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Option #3: Gifts for the Long-Distance Friend

box gifts long distance

Living far away from your BFF is almost as upsetting as being apart from your spouse. 

Then you see the Facebook posts. You know which ones we’re talking about. First, it’s the engagement, then the big milestone birthday, and suddenly they’re expecting a loved one. 

You would love to be there— you really would. But life doesn’t always allow what we want. The next best thing you can do is end them a Virtual Party Box so that you can celebrate your friend no matter where you live. 

We know that missing these moments means a lot, so we take care to make these gifts with extra attention to detail. Just tell us how you want to virtually celebrate, and we’ll curate a gift that will make the distance between you and your BFF seem just that much smaller. 

Never forget to send a gift to your long-distance loved ones again! You pick the items— we’ll do the rest

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