The PERFECT Box for Your Bridesmaid Proposal

You’re about to ask your best friends to stand next to you during one of the biggest days of your life. Now it’s your turn to coordinate a “proposal” of your own!

However, being a bridesmaid is a commitment. It’s not just the wedding day. It’s the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and the months of stress and chaos leading up to your Big Day. 

Imagine giving them a personalized box for your bridesmaid proposal filled with goodies and products they can use on the daily! It’s an intricate way of showing how much you’ll appreciate the emotional and physical support they’ll be giving you. 

Here’s how you can DIY each of your bridesmaid proposal boxes— or how you can get one package everyone will love!

First: Who Should You Ask To Be Your Bridesmaid? 

woman opening bridesmaid proposal box

Before we get started, we want to give you some tips on who to ask to be your bridesmaid. 

You probably already know who you want to ask. But in our experience, there’s a big difference between who can actually help during your wedding festivities and who’s just there to party.

No shade! However, you’ll want a bridal party with a mix of organized, fun, and, most of all, committed people. 

Here are the top 3 “types” of friends you should ask to be your bridesmaid:

  1. The Planner: The person who will instantly start making lists of things you need and vendors to contact.
  2. The Mom: Who in your friend group can calmly take the reins when things— inevitably— go awry?
  3. The Wild Child: Someone needs to keep the party alive! This bridesmaid might be the most organized person, but she’ll make sure your wedding is a night nobody will forget. 

DIY Box for Bridesmaid Proposal: What To Include 

DIY bridesmaid proposal box

Now that you have your trustiest sidekicks lined up, let’s talk about the bridesmaid proposal. 

When it comes to picking out gifts for your bridesmaids, it’s always such a hassle. 

What do they actually need?

Am I being too cheap?

Why can’t I find a bridesmaid gift bag that’s aesthetically pleasing?

Stop worrying, girl! We have the perfect solution for you. 

If you’re building a box for a bridesmaid proposal, it’s essential to create a box that’s as unique as each friend. With our Build-a-Box you can pick out special items for each of your bridesmaid proposals. 

And if that idea stresses you out, we have pre-built boxes ready to be shipped to your friends— no matter where they live!

If you want to DIY your box for each bridesmaid proposal, here are the best-sellers from our market that they’ll love!

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Item #1: Best Friend Flasks

BFF bridesmaid proposal box

Shut up, shut up, shut up! 

We knew you’d say that. How cute, right?!

Think of all the places you can use these bad boys:

  • The bachelorette party
  • The bridal party
  • The rehearsal dinner
  • The minute after you give them your bridesmaid proposal box 

You won’t find anything like this at Target, that’s for sure. 

Don't feel like DIY-ing your bridesmaid box? The BFF is perfect for your proposal!

Item #2: Disco Ball Drinkware

disco ball drinkware for bridesmaid proposal box

Have a friend that’s not a pink fan (the color, not the singer, obviously)?

This tumbler is one that never goes out of style. Plus, you can get it in silver or rainbow. Either way, people will know you’re here to party with this in your hand!

It holds 16 ounces of liquor libations, comes with a reusable straw, and is made with BPA-free plastic.

You know your friends will use this on a regular Tuesday night. 

Don’t forget to include something to fill those flasks with! We have a TÖST ROSÉ Non-Alcoholic Refresher or the SPLASH Cosmopolitan Cocktail Mixer.

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Item #3: Noms and Calms

bridesmaid proposal box

Not everyone is into drinking, so we have options for every type of party girl. 

We have Sweet Treats galore that will get your taste buds dancing. From Champagne-flavored gummies to JCOCO Orange Blossom Espresso Chocolate, there’s something in there for everyone— even your friends who lie about not having a sweet tooth. 

You can also include gifts that will keep everyone calm, cool, and collected leading up to the festivities. Maybe that’s a mud mask for one friend and a candle for another. 

Your options are endless!

Did we mention these boxes come with confetti? Talk about a party box! Build your own bridesmaid proposal box here!

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