5 DIY Personalized Housewarming Gift Ideas For Your Buyers

Tomorrow is Closing Day, so you head to the nearest Target to pick up a gift for your buyers. You pick out a generic Welcome rug for the front door and a $30 bottle of wine. It’s your go-to option— but it isn’t memorable. 

If you want referrals or even repeat home-buyers, the way to get them to remember you after leaving that closing table is with a personalized housewarming gift. 

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DIY Personalized Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your Buyers  

woman and realtor at closing - closing gift idea

When you think of DIY, you might think of crafts. Something like:

But you’re a Realtor®. You don’t have time to DIY housewarming gifts. 

You also don’t want to pick cheap items from the Target dollar section to fill a basket of needless knick-knacks. So, why not send them a box of hand-picked items they’ll actually need for their new home?

Confete Party is basically a party in a box. We gather products that make these special occasions even more fun for the receiver while simplifying the gift-giving process!

Whether you want to build your own box or save the decision-making for our team of party professionals, our boxes are made for celebrating. 

For now, here are 5 things you can include in your personalized DIY box to curate an unforgettable closing gift for buyers. 

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Item #1: Home Decor

closing housewarming gift personalized for buyers

Obviously, right? 

Except home decor presents can be hard to pick out. The way we decorate our homes is personal and specific to our tastes and needs. 

So instead of messing up your buyer’s new home aesthetic with odd rugs or paintings, keep it simple. 

Our market includes home decor items such as candles, flower vases, and towels. If you go with our Corporate Gifting boxes, we can brand these items for you!

Item #2: Kitchenware

kitchenware personalized housewarming gift box

survey in 2020 revealed that over 30% of consumers were likely to purchase kitchen gadgets in the next 12 months. And considering you’re dealing with new homeowners, it’s even more likely they’ll appreciate you including this in your closing gift box. 

Our recommendation? Spices. 

Spice up their life with savory glazes like this Saveur Selects Caribbean Jerk Marinade. Start off their spice collection with essentials like Greek Freak Mediterranean Rub.

Maybe even throw in a meat shredder so they can marinate over the idea of a home-cooked meal. 

Item #3: DIY Cocktail Basics

DIY cocktail closing gift box set - housewarming gift personalized

Cooking takes a lot of work, so your buyers may not be clamoring to the kitchen to make that first homemade meal during the first night or two,

That first night in their home will be pizza night— for sure. 

However, you know your clients well by now. You know whether or not they’re the kind of people to mix up a cocktail at the end of a long day. 

Start their housewarming gift off right by including supplies for DIY cocktail night. In our market, you’ll find stemware, mixers, and even garnishes to fit in your closing gift box. 

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Item #4: Self-Care Essentials

self care housewarming gift personalized box set

After the stress of pre-approvals, packing, and moving, your buyers will want to spend the first night in their homes relaxing. 

Give them the self-care push they need by including these items in your personalized housewarming gift!

You can include items such as:

  • Eye gel
  • Eye masks
  • Shower Steamer
  • Beard oil

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Item #5: Sweet Treats

housewarming gift diy box full of sweet treats

Do your buyers have a sweet tooth? Or are they more of a savory snacker?

Why not include both in your personalized housewarming gift box?!

We have so many Sweet Treat options, just looking through them will make your mouth water. Choose from snacks like:

Wouldn’t it be even better if your gifts were branded with your brokerage logo and color scheme? Check out our Corporate Gifting boxes to have ready-to-deliver closing gifts!

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