That time we were featured in the NYT

Imagine getting an email literally out of the blue and the last part of their email ended with nytimes.  For some businesses this might be a normal occurrence but for a small-town business owner such as myself, in the middle of the pandemic might I add, it was freaking AWESOME!  

Jamie Taylor owner of confete party box

Photo by Hushed Revelry

During that time along with every other business we were figuring out how to pivot.  We realized that we could design virtual party boxes for people who still wanted to celebrate but couldn't in person anymore.  I'd love to take credit but the idea really came from a client through our custom party box page on our website.  They wanted to celebrate their co-workers new baby, so we sat down and put a baby shower virtual party box together for them. 

Then as the 2 weeks turned into much longer (hello almost 2 years) we decided in June to launch Graduation Boxes since new grads couldn't have the typical ceremony.  And that's when it happened.  

Confete Party graduation gift box party box new york times article

Photo by Angela Carlyle

We got an e-mail from a journalist at the New York Times to feature out Grad Party Box in an article on virtual graduation ceremonies.  It say I was ecstatic would be an understatement.  This was single handily the coolest thing that had ever happened to us.  

If we learned anything during COVID was how to pivot and transition with what customers needed.  Now that people are back to work in person we have slightly transitioned to more celebratory gift boxes.  Customer's were wanting more gift items but couldn't resist a splash of confetti.  So that's what we offer.  

Cheers Gift Box Confete Party Box

Cheers Gift Box

At the end of the day, no matter where you're at in life, it can be a brutal world out there with so much uncertainty.  We just hop to bring a bit of light that puts a smile on their face.  

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