4 Memorable Gifts For Your Boss at Christmas

It's that awkward time of year when you have to come up with a Christmas gift idea for your boss. 

Nothing seems right when you're shopping for your boss. You want your gift to be fun, yet professional, yet profound, yet memorable. 

It's stressful! But we found that the key to getting the right present is to pick just one trait you know about your boss— and go all in. 

Here are some ideas for gifts for your boss at Christmas!

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4 Memorable Gifts For Your Boss at Christmas 

ideas for gift for boss

Maybe you get along really well with management and you know them well. Or maybe you're trying to step it up and impress them this year. 

Either way, you know at least one personal detail about your boss. 

Are they well put together? Get them a self-care package

Do they talk about their favorite cocktails or bars around town? You can't go wrong with copper glasses for their moscow mule. 

While these little personality clues can help you pick a quality gift, you'll instantly start questioning quantity. 

Should you get them some small items or one big (budget-friendly) gift?

The Solution? Get them a box full of gifts that vary in size and expense, and come from small businesses!

Here's how you can do that:

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Idea #1: For the Party Boss 

Olf Fashion gift box for boss at Christmas

This boss is always hyping up the team for Happy Hour (and may have a secret liquor stash in their office). 

If you want to help them mix up their end-of-day treat, one of these party boxes will make an excellent gift for your box at Christmas. 

  1. The Old Fashion: For the boss with a refined taste palette. With Viski Gem Crystal tumblers, garnishes, and a custom ice cube tray, this box includes everything they need to make this classic cocktail. Just add bourbon!
  2. The Summer Spritz: For the boss who's always ready for the weekend. This party box has two copper mugs, Ginger beer, and the Mixy Skyline Cocktail Infusion Kit to help them make a refreshing end-of-week drink!

P.S.: We have free shipping on all orders over $75, so you might as well get another for your Secret Santa gift. ;)

Idea #2: For the Self-Care Boss

gifts for boss at christmas

Your boss is probably into self-care if they're punctual, well-put-together, or if they're the type to meditate instead of smoking a cigarette during lunch break. 

On the other hand, if your boss is constantly stressed, maybe they need a little push to take a day for themselves. 

Here are a few ways you can pamper your boss:

  1. Easy Peasy: For the boss who is (or is in desperate need of) a ray of sunshine. The face mask, lip scrub, and Golden Coast California Gummy Bears can be used in a day. But we bet they'll bring this colorful Take It Easy Tumblr to work with them every day.
  2. Beard Box: For the boss with luscious locks. Beard care is a serious business for guys, and this gift box comes with all the essentials: Rockwell Originals Beard Oil and Conditioner, a wooden beard comb, Rockwell Originals Beard Brush, and Beard Bib. Plus, a bag of Art of Caramel Cocoa Nib Popcorn for a little snack. 

If these don't really mesh with your boss' persona, don't worry! We have plenty of Ready To-Ship wellness boxes they might like!

Idea #3: For the Busy Boss

easy gift idea for boss at Christmas - Confete Party "goal digger" box

Your boss always talks about hitting quarterly goals or one-upping last year's sales. They always have a notepad in one hand and a coffee in the other.

Does that sound like your manager? Then these two ready-to-ship party boxes are great gifts for your boss at Christmas!

  1. Goal Digger:  For the boss who never runs out of ideas but runs out of places to write them down. This box is overloaded with a coffee mug, a matching gold pen, a sleek black pleather-bound notebook, a Self-Planner, and chocolate (they deserve a treat)!
  2. Nine-to-Five: For the boss who works hard but plays harder. From the White Steele 'Is it Friday Yet' Tumbler and notepad to the Seattle Chocolate San Juan Sea Salt Truffles, this is a hassle-free gift idea for the boss who has an excellent work-life balance. 

Idea #4: For the Unimpressed Boss

gifts for boss at christmas

While these are all easy yet quality gift ideas for your boss, sometimes your higher-ups are never impressed. 

If your team leader is conservative with their kudos, take your gift up a notch by creating a customized box for them. With this option, you can curate a box filled with your boss' favorite things. 

Pay attention to their habits over the next few weeks. 

Do they use the same old mug? 

Is popcorn their go-to snack? 

Do they always have a candle lit? 

Gather intel and head to our market to build a box filled with your boss' favorite things. 

Not only will they be impressed, but your thoughtful attention to detail will probably say something about your work ethic.

What gifts will you include in your box for your boss at Christmas? Build your custom gift today!

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