3 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Employee Appreciation

It's hard to remember to get gifts for employees.

Whether it's for individual birthdays, Christmas, or something fun for Employee Appreciation Day (which is in March, by the way), you need something quick and suitable for the entire team.

On the other hand, you don't want your gifts to feel— well—corporate.

A gift box is the easiest and most gratifying solution for celebrating (while keeping it on brand). 

Here's why:

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Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Employees


party box gift idea for employees

A good business owner knows that the company is only as good as its employees. And the best way to retain employees is to have a work environment that makes them want to go to work in the morning.

Getting into the practice of finding gifts for employee appreciation is just one way to create that holistic environment (here are some other employee retention tips). 

The problem is that it's so time-consuming.

What you need is a passive way to mark gift-giving off your to-do list. Here are 3 occasions you can use Confete Party to find unique and ready-to-ship gifts for your employees!

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Employees

birthday gift party box for employees

Giving personal gifts to employees requires insight into each individual's unique self. While you can provide a basic corporate gift box with a notepad and pen with your company logo, something about that seems— inauthentic.

The good news is that we can help you step up your gift-giving by hand-selecting alllll the gifts for your team!

Here's how you can send out custom birthday gifts to your team members all year round without having to lift a finger:

  1. Corporate Party Box: Corporate gifts sound stuffy, but we do it better. Our team will source and vet all products, including any branded elements you might want. So even if you send your employees the same birthday gift box, it'll be filled with items they can't get at Target. 
  2. Build a Box: For smaller companies, it might be worth building individual gift boxes for your employees' birthdays. Keep note of things each employee likes, wants, or needs throughout the year so you can WOW them when it's their day to celebrate. 
  3. The Birthday Box:  Need something a little more simple? We have a B-DAY box filled with all the essentials: a multi-colored Happy Birthday Candle, a noisemaker from Mint Fringe, Candy Club Cupcake Bites, and the Glow Shawty It's Ya Birthday Candle!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees

Christmas employee gift ideas

For some reason, picking out Christmas gifts for employees feels intimidating. Not only because not everyone celebrates Christmas but because— to many— it's a very personal holiday.

You can't just get your team a generic box of company-branded notepads and pens. But, unlike birthday gifts, you can't afford to spend the time curating a unique package for each member on your team.

With corporate gifting party boxes, you can send on-brand gifts that your team will like (and use)! 

The best part? We'll source all the products for you. We even like to include products from emerging small businesses, most of which are women-owned, just like us.

Here's what we might put inside your employee Christmas gift box:

    1. Something they can use daily: Like a candle or a glass to hold their end-of-shift wine. Who wouldn't want this disco ball drink tumbler or this Self-Planner?
    2. A snack: We can include something sweet and savory to delight all taste buds! We have gummies, popcorn, and chocolate to stuff into your employee gift boxes. 
    3. Self-care products: A part of showing up to work and doing your best is coming to work feeling your best. We always recommend self-care products as Christmas gifts for employees because there's a ROI for everyone involved! We have mud masks, jade rollers, and even beard oil!

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Random Gifts for Employee Appreciation 

party box gifts for employee appreciation

A gift for employees goes a long way. Did you know that companies that focus on their culture see a 72% lower attrition rate (the rate at which employees leave a company)?

The same Gallup Poll showed that companies focusing on their culture achieve up to 29% higher profit and 19% higher sales.

While gifts for your employees can't be the only thing you do to reduce turnover rates, it certainly helps. 

So, whether it's Employee Appreciation Day or you noticed a particular employee doing well on a random Tuesday, it's worth acknowledging their dedication with more than verbal kudos.

Here are some simple gifts for employee appreciation:

  • A Virtual Party Box: For remote employees who might feel disconnected from your company culture. You submit the order, and we do the rest. 
  • Corporate Party Box: Your employees work their butts off this quarter. Have these stored in your office closet for that random Tuesday when you feel like showing your social media manager that you're noticing the hard work they put in. We'll even send a handwritten note!

How have you shown employee appreciation this month? Take action now by ordering ready-to-GIFT party boxes!

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