3 Corporate Gift Boxes Your Employees Will Post About on Social Media

Your employees are your best brand advocates. Brand messages are shared 24 times more frequently when distributed through employees. 

Even if that message is simply that you're a great company to work for (because you give these really cool gifts!), it helps spread your digital presence. Thanks to your employees, these posts can bring in referrals and leads (see why they're so important?).

The goal now is to curate a box with products your employees will actually want to share on social media. 

Here are three scroll-stopping examples of corporate gifting boxes that your employees will absolutely post online:

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3 Corporate Gift Boxes Your Employees will Post About on Social Media

Alright, now that we all recognize that corporate gift boxes can help spread brand awareness (through your employees), let’s talk about what NOT to do.

  1. Don’t just fill your box with desk supplies that have your company logo on them. Nobody is going to post about a generic company gift box. 
  2. Don’t wait until a special event to show your employees appreciation. The surprise of a gift at all might be enough for them to post about it online. 
  3. Don’t just think about what’s in it for you. You need to have intricate knowledge of your employees’ wants, needs, and personal likes if you want to make an impact. 

Giving gifts is hard because it’s personal. And not everyone is great at picking them out. That’s where we come in!

Confete Party is a party in a box. Not only do we handle picking out items for your gift set, but our team will handle everything from sourcing, branding, packing, and shipping to make sure we capture the essence of your brand in a bold, bright box.

In the meantime, here are some ideas of what to include in your boxes to get the employee advocacy train going!

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1. A Holiday Party Box

holiday party box corporate gift box

New Year's Eve, Christmas, and Valentine's Day are all acceptable excuses to treat your employees to something nice. 

Including something sparkly like these rainbow disco ball tumblers is a surefire way to get your employees talking about their gift boxes online. 

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2. Welcome to the Team Corporate Gift Boxes

welcome to the team corporate gifting box

Okay, we know we made fun of those generic gift boxes earlier. 


We still think it's worth adding a couple of products with your company logo. Like a pen that your employee might accidentally leave in their restaurant bill-fold so that the server uses it to have other patrons sign their bills, therefore, spreading brand awareness simply by giving your employee a golden ink pen. 

We're just sayin'!

But also, maybe if you include something like Mixy's Spiced Cider Kit, your employee might make a post like this

3. Birthday Box

happy birthday party box

What says, "I'm special, and I'm going to post about it on social media," more than a birthday gift?! We have Ready-To-Ship birthday gift boxes, but why not get the corporate discount and always have them on hand? 

Including birthday items like confetti pop, gold sparkler candles, and Birthday Cake Bites will definitely make for an interesting Tik Tok video. 

Ready to start appreciating your employees with these Corporate Gift Boxes? Tell us about your ideas! 

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