Why Corporate Gifting Should Be Implemented into Your Business

The Great Resignation. Despite your thoughts on the matter, one thing is certain: employees expect more from their leaders. 

A pizza party isn't cutting it anymore. And to be honest— corporate gifting should only be your starting point. 

Besides employee retention, there's another ROI that these gift boxes can bring to your company that nobody is talking about: it's marketing.

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What is a Corporate Gifting Box?

Corporate gift boxes are branded boxes filled with products the recipient can enjoy. 

When you think of a company gift box, you probably envision those generic sets that come with a company notepad, pen, and keychain. 

How embarrassing. Nobody wants those! That's why, here, we do it better.

Our corporate gifts are more than just cardboard boxes: their party boxes (with confetti and all). 

Not only that, but we do our best to source products from emerging small businesses, most of which are women-owned (just like us)!

Anyway, here's the real reason why you need these gifts in your company wheelhouse.

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Why Corporate Gifting Should Be Implemented into Your Business

These boxes serve three primary purposes:

  1. Show appreciation
  2. Retention, and
  3. Referrals

These benefits are the same whether you're giving your company gift box to a client or an employee (though the boxes should be different).

Let's talk about it some more!

1. Show Appreciation

corporate gifting box
You can thank a client for their patronage with one of these boxes, the same way you thank an employee for their dedication. 

Here's an example:

Let's say you're a fellow bad-ass female business owner with a small team of five. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a fun, colorful, company-branded gift to give to your team every once in a while?

From birthdays to big client wins, we can build your corporate gifting boxes to each team member's individual wants and preferences. 

We can even design you a staple box that you can work for client gifts and employee celebrations!

2. Retention

real estate corporate gifting box closing gift

Client and employee retention alike are needed for any company to remain successful. 

Corporate gifting is an easy way to keep them coming back for more. It shows care, attention to detail, and adds a personal touch to an otherwise professional relationship. 

Here's an example:

Our customer, Burnett Real Estate Co, wanted a quick and easy gift to bring to the closing table. 

However, instead of the typical gift for homebuyers (a bottle of wine and a welcome mat), they wanted to give their customers something tangible they could use daily in their new home— and something to remember them by.

So we put together the branded gift box you see above. We packed it full of housewarming goodies like:

  • An embossed wooden cutting board with the family name
  • A chocolate bar and watermelon gummies (one treat for each homebuyer)
  • A candle, a kitchen towel, a cocktail kit, and a mini-plant. 

Not only will these items serve them in their home, but it's also a constant reminder for the buyers who they can turn to on their next home buy or sale.

It also opens the pathway to referrals!

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3. Referrals

corporate gifting box and why you need it

This brings us to reason #3 you need corporate gifting in your business: it's marketing.

Small corporate gifting puts your company top-of-mind when clients refer to their favorite brands. 

It also allows you to expand your digital footprint if your employees post about their gift boxes on social media. 

Here's an example:

92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising. You're passively spreading the word about your company by giving your employees a really cool box that they'll want to post about on social media. 

Its employee advocacy at its finest!

Ready to see how these Corporate Gift Boxes can elevate your brand? Tell us about your ideas! 

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