How To Build a Gift Box for Your Clients in 10 Minutes or Less

As an entrepreneur, you've learned that sending clients gifts is a great way to increase retention and referrals. 

But there are a lot of people who suck at picking out gifts. 

This might be you if:

  • You wait until the last minute to pick out holiday or birthday presents.
  • You pick out a bunch of small gifts because you don't know what people want. 
  • You've had "send client gift" on your to-do list for months. 

We get it— it's overwhelming! That's why our go-to solution is to build a gift box. 

A personalized gift box looks expensive, has items they can use now and later, and has products they find at places like Five Below or Target. 

Does it still sound complicated? Don't worry— we'll show you how you can design your own gift box in 10 minutes or less.

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How To Build a Gift Box for Your Clients in 10 Minutes or Less

In a 2022 study, 83% of respondents said they felt closer to companies that sent them gifts.

Now, you could go the corporate gifting route (we'll even pick out the gifts for you)! Promotional products like pens and notepads with your company name help people recall your brand better. 

On the other hand, you can also build a gift box for each client to make it seem more personal and intentional. 

The question now is:

What do you put inside?

Can I write off my client gifts?

How can I send it to my client who lives across the country?

Quit overthinking it! We offer virtual party boxes with a pop of color and confetti that we'll deliver to their front porch. All you have to do is pick out the items! 

Here's how you can build your own gift box in ten minutes:

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Step 1: Choose a theme

how to build a gift box

Your personalized gift box curation starts with choosing the right box. We offer a polished black box or a fun, colorful box. Pick whichever one vibes with your brand. 

To make selecting gifts easier, we recommend choosing a theme for your box. You can easily do this here and filter items based on Collection or Celebration. 

Here are a few options:

  • Beauty + Spa
  • Drinks + Cocktails
  • Home Decor
  • Holiday
  • Housewarming
  • Birthday

Now that you have a theme going, here are the four most important types of items to put inside. 

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Step 2: Pick a treat

Everyone loves snacks. The difference with the snacks in these boxes is that they're made by other small business owners (filter by "Women Owned" to see those options)!

If you're not sure if your client has a sweet or savory tooth, choose one of each! Some examples of treats you can include are Mexican Hot Chocolate TrufflesBirthday Cake BitesChampagne Gummies, and Watermelon Slice Candies.

Step 3: Choose a self-care product

build your own self care gift box

Now filter by Beauty + Spa to see how you can gift your client the gift of self-care. 

We have items for men and women, including:

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Step 4: Include something actually useful

"take it easy" tumbler for personalized gift box

You know how you still have your ex's old hoodie? Even though you never think about them, seeing this hoodie in your closet immediately elicits a memory of them.

When customers build a gift box, one thing we find in common is they'll choose products that don't last. You need to include a gift for clients to remember you by!

And while candy, beverages, and balloons are fun and indulgent, they aren't something your client will suddenly find sitting around their house. 

An item like this tumbler, a gold pen, a notebook, or even socks can subtly bring your brand to mind when they see it. 

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Step 5: Personalize your gift box

When you build a gift box for your clients, you aren't just saying thanks or giving them subconscious reminders to refer you to their friends. 

You're creating a lasting impression that your company has a personal touch they won't get anywhere else.

That's why the last thing you want to include in your personalized gift box is something that speaks to each specific client. 

This might be the hardest part, but a simple glance at their Instagram page might help you find the correct item.

Maybe you see they create their own cocktails at home, so you get them this Little Box of Cocktail Recipes.

Or maybe you've seen them light a candle each night on their Instagram Story at the end of a long work day. Personalize their gift box with a brand-new candle.

Or perhaps their kid's birthday is coming up, so you get them a sparkler candle, or you know that they're looking for a new book to read, so you gift them Untamed by Glennon Doyle. 

And the cherry on top of a truly memorable client gift? A handwritten note!

Ready to mark client gifts off your to-do list? Our Build-a-Box will only take you ten minutes!

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