Quarantined? No Problem!

I think it’s safe to say that being quarantined was not a part of anyone’s 2020 plan. Yet, here we are - stuck in our homes, working remotely, bored AF. Good thing is, we humans are pretty resilient! Some of us are resilient by not social distancing (you know who you are -- and you should stop being the worst), but some of us are resilient in other ways. Humans evolve and adapt to their situation, we are living in this reality until we are able to put a stop to COVID-19. 

Here’s the thing; birthdays, celebrations, and other important events don’t stop just because we are locked inside. So, we at Confetë Party want to make quarantine parties easier than ever. 

Pretty in Pastel Party Box

Easter is right around the corner and it seems like we will be celebrating in doors. You can still make this celebration a memorable one with our Pretty in Pastel Party Box which is on S A L E. 10% off + free shipping on all purchases over $50.

Spring Easter Party Box

Easter Party Box

FREE SHIPPING on all purchases over $50

That’s right, all parties come with free shipping. Plus, you get to order from the safety of your home! Whether it’s a birthday party, bridal shower, DIY Kit, or anything in between - we got you covered! 

No Boredom Balloon Bag - $25

Listen, to all our moms (and dads) out there who are working from home AND have their kids at home all day; we see you. That’s why a giant balloon bag with various sizes is the perfect way to entertain the kids...or the adults. These balloons can last up to a month and are perfect for kick ball, volleyball, don’t let it touch the ground, and more! 

COVID Quarantine Balloon Bag

Peace Out Party Box 

We find ways to celebrate EVERYTHING. In this season, we decided to celebrate the time we have in isolation with our loved ones (parties no bigger than 8 to stay kosher with government guidelines). Our Peace Out Party Box is fun, colorful, and filled with toilet paper.  That’s right, were not just in the business of fun, but practicality. 

Peace Out Party Box


Stay Happy, Stay Safe.   

Confetë Team 

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